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Anonymous asked: Thomas in sexy uniform pose soon?

Why would I draw Thomas wearing clothes?

cobaltcerberus asked: WAIT I HAVE ANOTHER ONE. I Imagine Tragia Sounds like Fat Mike. Like yeah hes supposed to sound like Early but the idea of that voice just seems really cute for some reason

Okay, what do you guys think?

Can you see Trag singing that? Because I actually imagined Trag would sound like Rusty Cuyler from Squidbillies more than Early. I guess Fat Mike’s voice could work, though.

Time has slowed down. I am serious. We need some physicists looking into this because I swear I’ve been in this classroom for two hours at least.


Fucking dammit he looked adorable in that tight ass school uniform! (≧∇≦)

The only character in the show I would gladly rape (whoops mean sex with consent) -sorry for shitty screencap-


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